Interested in Careers in the Digital Space?

(Via the Daily Digest)

Digital Career Forum, presented by LearnToProgram.TV’s President and CEO, Mark Lassoff, and Candogram’s Founder and CEO, Henning Seip is taking place on April 17th at UConn Stamford.

Learn about becoming an entry-level developer and what job opportunities await! Join us to hear all about how these programs can work together to advance your career. You don’t have to be a mathematical genius and you certainly don’t have to have a PhD, no experience necessary. Just about anybody can learn to code!

In this forum we will introduce you to the Framework Professional Developer Program, through which you can become qualified, certified and confident in the very skills employers are seeking today. Come join us and hear about the opportunities locally and nationally for entry-level developers, what skills are truly in demand, and how to best prepare to compete in the job market.

This Digital Career Forum will also introduce you to the highly targeted job match platform, Candogram. Forget about the typical key word search, Candogram helps job-seekers generate employment leads based on a personal skill-match and skill-gap profile you create.

Join us Tuesday, April 17th, and learn about how LearnToProgram.TV and Candogram can work together to advance your career!

To register for this free event, please visit:

For more information, contact: UConn CITI at