Welcome to the iCenter!

Located on the first floor of the Wilbur Cross Building, the iCenter is a useful resource when you have questions or need information. Our student staff and employees are well-trained and can assist with many administrative duties, as well assist you in navigating UConn and Wilbur Cross itself. If we can’t help you, rest assured we will refer you to someone who can!

We Can Help With:

Faxing Financial Aid Documents

Transcript Requests

Student Admin Support

Bunched Finals

Advertising in Wilbur Cross

Our Staff:


Debbie Totzeck

Division of Enrollment Planning and Management


Saakshi Shah

Class of 2019

Economics major

Fun fact: “I have been to 12 countries.”


Dan Nixon

Class of 2019

Communications major

Fun fact: “I’m the only member of my family with red hair.”


Olson Briceno

Class of 2018

Political Science major

Fun fact: “I took out 5 minutes of my life to fill out a form to become an ordained minister.”


Justyn Welsh

Class of 2021

Biomedical Engineering major

Fun fact: “I have a third degree black belt in Tang Soo Do.”