What We Do


The iCenter which is currently located at the front entrance of the Wilbur Cross Building is Uconn’s only one stop all you can ask information center. Here is where students can openly ask any questions they have pertaining  to the university. The employees at the iCenter guide and aid students in finding answers and solutions to any situation or issue that may arise. The iCenter is centrally located in Wilbur Cross which is also home to several offices that the iCenter closely works with including the Office of the Registrar. Our staff is well trained and can perform many administrative duties which include but are not limited to: processing transcript requests, filling out i9 forms, un-bunching finals and booking conference rooms. Students visit the iCenter to not only receive advice but to also seek guidance on matters concerning peoplesoft, advisement on picking classes, and referrals to the different offices in Uconn.

Examples of some of the assistance that the iCenter privides

  • Processing I-9 Forms
  • Faxing documents to Financial Aid
  • Assist with the Wilbur Cross Computer stations
  • Aid the Office of the Registrar with transcript requests
  • Process paperwork for final exam conflicts
  • Answer any question pertaining to the University
  • Help students with peoplesoft and course registration